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Real Estate Services | Sol y Luna Real Estate - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Mexico.

Sales Services

If you are looking to buy or sell your property, Sol y Luna has the team and a wide range of electronic trading tools and to offer your property, rest assured that you are looking for something in particular, we succeeded.

Sol y Luna Real Estate offers a comprehensive solution to invest in real estate in Puerto Vallarta. Once you contact us, our team will personally teach and offer the best choices of properties, always adjusting to your needs and budget. We have the support of a law firm specializing in legal services targeted at foreigners who want to live, invest or move to Puerto Vallarta. Since their immigration to the selection and sale of your property, our agents are trained to advise you personally on your investment, be it a condominium, a house or a lot and build the house of your dreams.

Sol y Luna Real Estate, commercial real estate is a very comprehensive, where we have all types of properties in different areas of high commercial and residential, investing with us means be assured of buying a legal property right price, many our properties are offered 50% less than other real estate agencies.

Our success is our team, within which we have a group of professionals with legal experience and commercial real estate, along with 15 years experience in the town and area.

Contact us to receive legal advice and property ... FREE!!

Sol y Luna Real Estate, specializes in development of integrated projects in the housing sector and tourism.

Our services include everything needed so you do not have to worry about anything. We develop your project and can be sure that we have professionals with experience in each of their specialties.

The comprehensive service we offer, includes design, construction, legal, marketing and finance, where we look for from the options on the market, which is best for your project. We have specialist advisers in the area for selecting the most appropriate financing, which may be:

  •      Sofol
  •      Banking
  •      Mortgage

How to buy a used home based on your needs.

Specialists through a legal department or through an attorney who has links with a notary, are verified as documents provided by the person offering the property for sale.

What to do?

The owner must submit copies of the documents, deeds, property taxes, water and official identification.
We verified that the information presented by the vendor of the property, is presented in the Public Registry are Propiedad.donde history of the building where you report on your record if you have a lien or encumbrance.
It took out a Folio Real Property.
Carefully review the deed of the property, to avoid problems later when you live in the house.
Consider the common areas, hallways and living roofs in case of a building. the less story is better.
Consider the spaces as parking spaces, the square footage of these areas as well as for the area intended to service this must be in writing.
Check the regulation of condominiums, it is very important indeed currently notaries are asked to be on their knowledge.
The appraisal must be done or be requested by a notary, as well as by a banking institution should be a bank credit.

It is important to ensure your estate, if you have more questions about this item Get up close with this real estate agent and will provide you with detailed information you need to buy a property, with all of the law

Rental Services

We have many rental properties, homes, condos, commercial, land, come to us and see the many options we have for you.

1. Opinion or estimate of rental value

Initially, if a building is unoccupied, or were to emptied in the service process is performed making an opinion of value of income in order to set the rental value of that property. During the making of this review is an analysis of the area and a study of buildings "comparable", allowing us to identify the target market and provide the basis to the promotion strategy to use.

2. Leasing Promotion

Having identified the target market starts the process of promoting the building empty, with the aim of achieving the lease of the same, the means used most often are:

    Placement of promotional banner
    Placing advertisements in magazines and local and regional newspapers, as well as state, national or international, as required by the target market.
    Disclosure of empty housing in the Web site REAL ESTATE SOL Y LUNA, including photo, features and floor plan of the building.
    UBLICATION ad in real estate magazines and websites of real estate associations, used by developers in-house and allowing trade between promoters to get more income and sales in less time.

3. Tenants and guarantors Research

Once you have contacted the prospective tenants of the building is carried out rigorous research in their jobs, at your current address, as well as business and personal references that provide them, declarative, but not limited to, the following items: occupation, salary, age, current address, current rent, cause or reason for the change, compliance in the payment of rent, observed behavior, etc..

As part of this research by conducting the investigation of the guarantors submitted by prospective tenants around your data and personal activities (home occupation, honesty, etc..) And the data of the property of their property which, if Failure of the tenant and the guarantor itself, ensure compliance with the obligation (research at the Public Registry of Property).

4. Leasing contracts

Once it has completed its investigation of the leaflet to tenants, is carried out the preparation and holding of the property lease or contract of court settlement or accommodation contract, whichever is applicable and appropriate.

When the buildings are leased, SOL Y LUNA REAL ESTATE, is responsible for carrying out the review, analysis, updating and renewal revenue leases, if the current tenant history and research of the so determined, otherwise seek the vacation of the property.

5. Registration of leases

Through internal managers, SOL Y LUNA REAL ESTATE responsible for the registration of lease contracts concluded with the tax authorities, judicial and public registry of property, at the request of the landlord.

6. Income recovery

REAL ESTATE SOL Y LUNA, is responsible for preparing monthly rent receipts in accordance with applicable legal and collection of income from depleting the extra steps needed to be completed in time.

7. Payment of expenses, salaries and services

SUN AND MOON REAL ESTATE, through its collection area is responsible for carrying out on behalf of the owner of all necessary payments, such as property taxes, water, electricity, telephone, salaries and allowances of staff working in the building , building maintenance, etc. Attention to the requirements that the tax authorities whether local or federal issued on the property or the companies owning them.

8. Receipt and delivery of property

You will receive the property for management and delivery to the tenant by an acceptance and an inventory of the building and furniture if any, and the conditions under which the same at the time of receipt and delivery.

9. Quarterly visits to the property

A Statutory REAL ESTATE SOL Y LUNA, will visit the property quarterly for the purpose of observing the physical condition of and make recommendations to the tenant and the owner, as applicable.

10. Property Maintenance

Recruiting, on behalf of the client (when necessary and with prior authorization) of expertise for repairs and maintenance for the proper conservation of the building and repair of the buildings vacated by the customer.

11. Trials

In cases where necessary, SOL Y LUNA REAL ESTATE, be responsible (based on instructions from the owner) of advocacy, its account of the trials required for the proper administration of the property, such as, Recession contract termination, Special Trial Eviction or eviction, voluntary jurisdiction, etc.

12. Care Complaints

SOL Y LUNA REAL ESTATE, will also be responsible as part of this service of care, by the customer, complaints to the Federal Consumer Protection cases in which they needed.

13. Report and statement

SOL Y LUNA REAL ESTATE, regularly deliver a report and statement of property under management, holding deposits for rent and service charges, or fees that apply to the landlord.

Check out the property tax

Here you can review the query's property tax if you live or own property in Puerto Vallarta, electronically without leaving your home or office.

Frequent Asked Questions.

What is Property Tax?
Well known also as the annual tax levied on the value of urban and rustic. Here are properties, houses, apartments, condos, land, shops, etc.

Who are required to make payment of this tax?
In each fiscal year, assuming the total payment for the entire period of l year following

Individuals or legal who own land.
The condominiums or co-owners (including the heirs) of their share.
The municipality may require any of them full payment of the tax.
Those who own or have a property under any title, in case the existence of the owner can not be determined.

The market value is determined according to the cadastral legislation authorizing the State Congress and will be the basis for calculating the tax.
Payment must be made ​​in the treasury of each municipality in accordance with the location of the property.

A Bit of History:
Since when Data on Property Taxes?

In Mexico since pre-Hispanic era, which was structured by the triple alliance of Mexican tribes, and tlacopense Texcoco, the alliance extended its dominion over other peoples thereby achieving an advanced form contibucion, tax and tax on the book of Codex taxes.
This alianzaconservaba your Indepencia and autonomy in order to not end up absorbed by other groups, ie, working and contributing to determine the
welfare of their common needs.


Merchandising and Marketing

We have strategic alliances with professional advisors and business experts for marketing, sales planning, analysis and action to put a product on the market and start selling and managing all construction and development.


We have alliances with lawyers and notaries public, to provide legal services such as: writing, change of ownership, contracts of sale, condominium regimes, among others.

Custom Homes

Has dreamed of making your house to your taste, the garden as you like, its spaces as bedrooms, kitchen, etc., in Sun and Moon Real Estate, we have all the  equipment and skilled labor and the experience in the area to build that dream or desire to build a house.

We give a rustic property basic services for occupation until additional services such as telephone and cable.



  • Drinking water facility Electrical Installation
  • Sanitary and storm drainage
  • Garden plants and wastewater treatment

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